It was not too long ago when Arts students were often pegged as ‘also-rans’ and ‘not good enough for Science or Commerce’. However, over the years, the perception that Arts students are in some ways inferior to others has been changing, slowly but surely. And Anthony’s for Arts, as the first learning institute in Mumbai to exclusively cater to Arts students, has spearheaded this change from the forefront. For over 30 years, Anthony’s for Arts has been setting new standards in teaching excellence while delivering superlative results consistently year after year. In the process, we have created an educational legacy par excellence, built on the premise of making learning fun.

As the premier learning centre for Arts students in Mumbai, Anthony’s for Arts provides coaching for all XII Arts subjects. Our classrooms are conveniently situated very close to railway stations and metro stations to help students attend lectures easily and reduce the amount of time and energy spent in travelling. In addition, lectures are scheduled in such a way that each and every student can attend their college lectures conveniently.

We provide coaching for XII Arts students. For a full list of subjects offered, please refer to Courses.